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Models & Prototypes


The Ideal Jacobs Model Shop, located in Murray Hill, NJ, has capabilities of producing a wide array of intricate plastic, scale models and prototypes. After its recent renovation, the Model Shop is now equipped with a spray booth allowing us to paint the models and prototypes we build with a variety of textures and finishes. Our shop's capabilities include:

Modeling Services
• Static display models for photo shots, trade shows, etc.
• Engineering models (non-functioning) for test fitting new equipment
• Aviation/Automotive/Maritime models (museum/admiralty quality)
• Mechanical models (functioning)
• Suitcase models (sales aides)
• Industrial and architectural scale models
• Cross section models and dioramas
• Professional spray painting/wet finishing

Prototyping Services
• Rapid prototyping
• PC Boards - limited run engineering models
• P0-P1 limited prototypes
• Custom plastic fabrication

Ideal Jacobs Model Shop

Scale Models and Protoypes

Cross Section Models

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